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Extended Days #1 and #2

In addition to our regular morning and afternoon sessions, we also offer Extended Day options.

Extended Day #1 runs from 11:30pm-2:45pm, and Extended Day #2 from 2:45pm-4:00pm.

Extended Day #2 is available as a stand-alone drop off afternoon program.

Science Enrichment Class

Our Scientists will be learning about weather this month.

We will talk about how the weather changes every day and we’ll be making a weather graph.

We will learn about evaporation and condensation. We will explore how rain can be formed in a baggie and how fog develops.

We will talk about wind and the fun things you can do on a windy day like fly a kite, make a windmill and see how a wind sock blows with the wind.

We will also be talking about the different seasons and what type of weather we have during those seasons.

Miss Rosie & Miss Elaine


Registration for new families begins December 3, 2018:

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