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"Rob, the Guitar Guy" our wonderful music teacher guides the children in developing musical skills. Young children benefit from small and large motor development. Robert is able to use his musical background as a children's musician to provide a fun environment for kids to improve their musicianship. Robert also helps the children prepare for our annual holiday concert. You can also find him in both the Scarsdale and Eastchester libraries. Here at Creative Playtime, he's our own personal "rock star". Each class receives music 3-4 times a month for 30 minutes each time.

Gym-on-Wheels Gymnastics

Gym-on-Wheels is a quality gymnastics, exercise and physical skills program for young children that combines music, aerobics, gymnastics and creative games that enhance gross & fine motor skills in structured classes that children love. Coach Michelle is the best. Michelle comes on Mondays & Tuesdays. Each class participates for 30 minutes.

Cross-Fit for Kids

Cross-Fit for Kids with Coach Dylan emphasizes good movement throughout childhood. Consistently good mechanics translates into fewer spots injuries for kids and the vast research has found that exercise is beneficial to cognitive functioning and all-around better health for our children. And it's fun! Dylan comes to Creative Playtime twice a week and each class receives 30 minutes of Cross-Fit.

Registration for new families begins December 3, 2018:

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