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Happy New Year! We hope you all had a happy and relaxing holiday with your families.

We return to school this New Year excited about the new projects and new skills we will be teaching the children. For young children, daily life is science; they observe their world and try to understand how it works. In the Fours, science involves observation and hands on contact with materials. Through this process we hope to promote exploration, more questions and ultimately understanding. Our themes for the month are The Season of Winter and Animals in Winter and Animals of the Arctic and Antarctic.

January 2 – 4

This month we will be reading the books of Jan Brett and enjoying her beautiful illustrations and entertaining characters. To start off our Winter theme we will read The Mitten by Jan Brett, a story about some animals who snuggle together in a lost mitten to get warm. We will talk about things that come in pairs and things that go together.

January 7 – 11

This week we will learn about animals of the Arctic and the Antarctic and we will learn about animal tracks! We will see how different animals leave different footprints behind. We will read about some of our favorite storybook bears like Winnie the Pooh and Little Bear and meet some new friends like Little Polar Bear and Snow Bear.

January 14 – 18

This week we will talk about what animals and people do to keep warm in winter. We will read What Do Animals Do In The Winter? and Bear Snores On. We have fun projects planned: a bear den and a penguin habitat! As part of our pre-reading skills program we will be working on words that rhyme and we will begin building a class sight-word list.

January 21 – 25

No School on Monday, January 21 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday. Also this week we will discuss how animals survive in the winter. Some books we will be reading are “Sleepy Bear”, and “Time to Sleep”. The children will learn about hibernation and migration and how animals find food in winter. We will be working on writing and providing more writing opportunities. The children are now able to write at least some of their names but we will reinforce proper technique and methods that help beginning writers get started on the right foot.

Miss Peggy, Miss Carey and Miss Mandy



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